Virtual Comfort, the pen pal of the 21st century.

I decided to start a blog. I always liked writing them back when myspace was the bees knees, so I figured I would indulge.

It’s a comfort to be able to vent without immediate responses or mis-interpreted body language that can throw off your train of thought. It’s a way to give your thoughts to a completely neutral component that won’t judge you in your time of distress, or profound mindful state. It allows you to complete your train of thought(s) of anything, any topic, any length, any time.  And then later on, when you tighten your screws or finally are freed from the distress that consumed your mind for the moments that you emptied the contents of yourself onto this virtual page, you can reflect.  Or even allow others to reflect and respond to your virtual creation of human experience transformed into a text universe organized on a public website.

I will for-warn you, I am not chained by social networking etiquette. In my humble but necessary opinion, social networking should be free from the constraints of professionalism or any other ism for that matter. We are constantly forced to persue a society created normality that in my eyes destroy the most beautiful and unique feature we have the ability (or in today’s case choice) to express, our true selves.

 Agree with me? Then wipe that shit off your nose, smile when you want to, and feed me your conscious self, not your artifical self through virtual text on my screen. Break free of your chains, we are animals, we are instinctive and expressive animals with minds that are still not totally explored. Somewhere inside of us there is something that isn’t defined in a text book, show me yours.

One of my favorite lyrics ever is from a band called No Use for a Name, a pop punk band that refused to accept the paved path that we are taught throughout childhood.

“I know my purpose isn’t on a poster sign, I’m still part of the game that any number can play”

I’ll leave you with this last thought, let your body take the beating that life throws at you. Use your body as an operating tool to accumulate the necessary tools/gadgets to feed your habit. Use your shell, but let your inner working consciousness be free.




  1. Love it! Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  2. Way to go, Nate!
    SO happy you are sharing yourself because you are a wise soul!
    You help point me in the right direction as I journey through this life.

    Love you, Son.

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