Musical Melody, the progression..Or decline?

To start off, I’d like to point out someone who makes millions and is featured in so many artists albums/songs… T-Pain. I’d like to point out that this man is exponentially more wealthy than some of the artists that are constantly developing their talent, and who are consistantly devoted to innovating music. T-Pain’s sound is electronically generated, it would be akin to me getting paid millions of dollars to do arithmatic on a calculator. I’m not doing anything, the calculator is doing the work! He uses an effect called Auto-Tune.

What’s with this new auto-tune craze? Even the hardcore bands are starting to follow the path of electronica. I won’t lie, I do have a few bands that use the electronic sound, and I can get into it every once in awhile. But now it’s starting to become a cardboard cut out of previous releases by previous artists.

I love pure melody with pure instruments. I’m a strong supporter of acoustic sets, that’s where your talent will truely shine. Keep the flaws, they make you human and more people can connect. I want to hear your fingers slide down the frets, I want to hear your pick hit the strings!

I’m honestly a little worried about where our music industry is going, we enrich the cookie cutter artists and leave the rest in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, some of these artists that are mainstream are very talented, but their record labels force them to make the “radio sound” that everyone seems to eat up like a bag of big league chew.

Embrace local music, you know those guys who go to your local bar and play for a couple free drinks? They’re there to entertain you and share their talent. I know how it is to play to a crowd of about 15 half of which are too worried about squeezing the lime in their drink than to embrace the gift you’re trying to deliver. Do me a favor, when you do go somewhere with live music, tell them you appreciate what they give to you I promise you they’ll appreciate you for doing so.

Music is my sanctuary, which is why I’m asking you to support those locals who aren’t receiving that fat paycheck to deliver it to us.

I’d like to give a shout out to one of those locals who deliver music for the art of it, not for the paycheck. He had the band, they are going towards the “radio sound”, his paycheck was increasing exponentially by being in this band. His name is Fred Mascherino and he’s an X-guitarist for a band called Taking Back Sunday. Fred is from the Chester County, PA area. He still lives around here and he played a show at West Chester University last year that I went to and his music is truely mezmorizing. If you have time, check out his project:
“The Color Fred” all of his music is available on iTunes. He’s a perfect example of an individual who just wants to share his music, not get rich off a cookie cutter sound.


Have a band or know of another local that deserves a shout out? Let me know, post a comment on here. Use this space, let’s give some people who deserve a pat on the back some spotlight!

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  1. Fred actually got locally famous with Breaking Pangea. I never refer to him as TBS’s old guitarist, I like to think of him as Breaking Pangea’s old guitarist/frontman. You can probably tell how much I hate Taking Back Sunday, they are the perfect example to what u talked about on your blog. I don’t need to tell you the whole story cause I’m sure you know it. I respect John Nolan for what he did, he quit Taking Back Sunday when he saw it was turning into a business, and getting big no matter how, was the goal. It’s too bad cuz they had such awesome chemistry…Let me ask you something ….What’s your favorite TBS cd ? I know the response to that cuz we both grew up listening to them and we both know which cd is the best, and that’s y I remember Fred as Breaking Pangea’s guitarist, as much as I like the guy the stuff him and Adam wrote is not half as good as what he did with John. Anyway, I agree with you, I can’t really tell whose honest or not, like i said perfect example TBS, now is Paramore, Blink 182 did it too although I do love Take off your pants and jacket. The band i respect so much for not doing what you talked about in this blog..u know doing what their label tell them to do …New Found Glory. I don’t care how much people make fun of me, but they are the most credible band I’ve ever known, they have the same members they had back in 97, they stay true to their punk/hardcore roots… they do it cuz they love it. THEY are true musician, they are mainstream survivors, and all because they LOVE to do it…wow and they’re not even local, they can be considered a “mainstream” pop punk band and still make music that comes from the heart. Oh man, yeah music industry is in decline, you know it I know it, we might have to discuss this in person cause I don’t feel like writing anymore haha I mean, even hardcore bands are pretty much selling out, not like other bands like Fall out boy are but in a different way. The music industry is on life support and it’s our fault. I wanna give a shout out to American Football, Sunny day Real Estate, Hopesfall, New Found glory, Lifetime, Brand New, and all the bands I grew up listening to.

    • Yeah you’re probably right about the Breaking Pangea, but I wanted to give an example of someone who was in the midst of the possibility to sell out and get rich, but he declined and went his own way artistically. My hats off to him! New Found Glory is the shit, every album is awesome.

  2. I’d like to see a show where the artists most known for using auto tune have to perform acapella versions of their songs with no electronic assistance whatsoever. That’d be sweeet! And probably hilarious.

    I would think that in this age of the internet, the music industry is on the up and up. Isn’t it an advantage that the musicians don’t have to go through a record label to get there music out there?

    You should do a post about what good sites are out there to hear lesser known bands and get exposed to new music. I haven’t messed around that much looking for music on the net to know which ones are worth checking out.

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