History, all that’s left is the scraps. Or is it?

I recently was a vistor of one of America’s most historic sites, Washington DC. My girlfriend and I explored the many tourist attractions, the various memorials, and some of the museums that hold some of the most sacrid historical artifacts that the population of this world has endured and accomplished.

The energy in a few of these attractions was pretty deep for me. It was different than just a site with statues made of raw material and old beat up artifacts. There was something less tangible and more emotional. One of the sites that hit me was the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve visited DC before, but I believe I was too young to truely grasp the meaning behind what is there. As I read the walls of the Lincoln Memorial there was a thought within the back of my mind, sorrow. That someone so wise and diplomatic was taken by a coward assassin.

Throughout history there are examples in which we are deprived of the true heroes and it seems as though the “survival of the fittest” is a theory that does not apply to the human race. Because your definition of “fittest” could be totally different than mine. Our strong are taken by those who have nothing but weapons and violence to fight back. Our strong minded are taken away from us because there are some people who don’t know how to fight with the mind and they do the only thing they know how to do, eliminate that which threatens them.

The next touching moment was the Holocust museum. The Holocust has always provoked interest in me, it’s such an unusual event that truely tested the will power of a group of individuals. Hearing the stories of these people who endured some of the most torturous physical and mental scenerios in human history really proves how capable the human mind is over our physical life. These heroic people were beaten to the absolute limit mentally and physically. Yet, if you hear some of their stories they remained positive and fought through with everything they had. It really puts things into perspective, and this is one event that should never be forgotten.

I’m a strong believer in the mind. We are more than these shells we run around in. It does not take muscle to achieve goals, it is the dedication of something greater that will be more likely to help you arrive at the goal at which you seek. It is the strive to survive and accomplish that which you desire that should be treasured, not the actual physical accomplishment. And there is evidence to my theory because I can guarantee once you arrive at your destination, you will want another.

Be strong, be focused and always want more, the sky is truely the limit. Remember, although we learn from text books and our elders, there is still much to be learned about our existance. It’s the ride we enjoy, not the final destination.


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