Isles and Glaciers EP – Official Review

Isles and Glaciers - The Hearts of Lonley People

This band/side project is a collaboration of what was advertised as an “all star” group. It includes members from Emarosa, Pierce the Veil, Chiodos (X-lead vocalist and current lead vocalist of Cinematic Sunrise) which are all some great bands that I really enjoy listening to. To put it lightly, my nipples couldn’t get harder for the release of the EP.

To give all the artists credit, here’s the line up:
Craig Owens –  Vocals
Jonny Craig – Vocals
Vic Fuentes – Vocals
Nick Martin – Guitar
Matt Goddard – Bass
Brian Southall – Guitar/Programming
Mike Fuentes – Drums

On to the review…
We open up this EP with a light instrumental/electronica beginning to what when my ears were first graced with this melody I couldn’t wait to hear the epic kick in of some of my favorite artists. My first opinion of this instrumental/electronica interlude/introduction that can be heard all throughout the EP was a little boring, but I don’t like to judge the CD/EP before listening a few times…

Now we get into the actual tracks, and I must say, you can’t go wrong with Jonny Craig’s unique voice. And at first I was a little skeptical about including Vic and Craig. I thought it might have some sort of vocal clash because they all have very unique sounds. Needless to say, I was wrong. I believe the EP flows perfectly and the once “boring” instrumental fits perfectly as well.

Some say they are disappointed because it’s not different from what they would do with their current bands, it’s just a Pierce the Veil, Cinematic Surnrise, Emarosa blended up EP. This could be the case, but to be honest, I probably would not like the EP as much if they attempted to do something out of their comfort zone. And the real purpose of this group forming was to form an “all star” group. To expect them to create music out of their comfort zone would be like making an all star basketball team out of hockey players. They do what they’re good at, and that’s all we can really ask of them.

My favorite track from the EP is entitled “Empty Sighs & Wine” (see YouTube video below) I believe this song plays to the strengths of every member.

I strongly recommend checking this group out, it really has a some great melodies and the vocals are amazing.

I give this EP 4 of 5 stars.



  1. Thanks for the comment! I never get any. Haha, I listen to a very wide range of music. Of course I’m a fan of Craigery Owens! Who isn’t?! Chiodos has been my favorite band for the longest time! Though I didn’t see them when they passed by Utah recently, so I didn’t get to experience any of the new music, but I’ve heard they’re pretty good.

    • No problem! In my opinion Cinematic Sunrise is better than Chiodos, so I’m in a way happy he will be spending most of his time with that band and isles and glaciers. His solo CD on the other hand I’m not a fan of!

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