Very first CD?!

Remember the days of cassette tapes? Rewinding… Turning over to side B? I can specifically remember the first time I ever heard a CD was in someone’s car, it was a red convertable. I was amazed that you could just skip a track and it would start at the beginning you didn’t even have to look for it by fast forwarding and rewinding! You didn’t have to wind up the tape when it got thrown off track with pencil…

I got my first CD before I even got a CD player. I remember it was All 4 One because I liked the song “I swear”. I played the crap out of that CD and that’s where my collection began.

What was your first CD? Do you have a specific memory of when you first heard about CDs? Let me know, I’m interested.



  1. my first cd was Blues Traveler – Four

  2. Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kryptonite
    Arrested Development – 3 years…blah blah blah

    I remember that I wanted a CD recorder for Christmas and got a Minidisc recorder/player instead. I actually really liked minidisc!

    • That’s because I don’t think Santa knew what a CD recorder was. Technology is slow getting to the North Pole. Not a bad thing. 🙂

    • I think I had influence on your CD choices (not anymore though! now you and Nate are my influence!)

      • You did! Spin Doctors was one. I still like listening to that one once in a while. REM was the other big one you got me into. You let me listen to your Eponymous cassette in the back of the Bronco on a trip to Ruidoso.

  3. nsync. by nsync.

    and don’t even make fun cause i know you had the entire hanson collection.

    • I still do! I love Hanson. Did you not see my first CD was All 4 One? Boy band…cheesy at that. I tried listening to them again awhile ago hahah.

  4. I am so ashamed…

    Amy Grant – Heart in Motion. Which sadly made it’s way onto my iPod because when I first got it I felt the need to put EVERY CD I EVER OWNED onto it.

    I’ve come a long way musically.

    • Stacey, don’t feel bad I owned Deon Sanders rap album…It’s fun to look back at how different our musical taste was!

      • Fun…embarrassing. They are basically the same. 🙂

  5. Wow Nate. You sure did have a lot of crappy music… haha!

    • I still do! LoL I still have the Bugs Bunny rap from space jam on my iPod.

  6. ok, I think it was 10,000 maniacs……not sure cuz that was a long time ago!

  7. Yes I do remember my very first CD and the joy when copying onto cassette. Was brilliant.

    Can’t even remember what my first CD was. Too long ago now!

  8. I actually had that All 4 One album on cassette.
    My first CD was the Free Willy soundtrack and I only listened to the Michael Jackson song. I can’t even remember the title at the moment.

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