Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise Offical Review

Circa Survive’s –Blue Sky Noise


 I have been looking forward to this album for over a year now, and I have been following closely to Anthony Green’s twitter comments about the progression of recording, and his ideas for new lyrics. It just added to the excitement of the album release! It was finally released on April 20th, 2010, I barely survived my anticipation. Although, they had the entire album up on their myspace for the fans to hear before the release date, I stayed away because there’s just something about listening to an album on release date for me; it’s part of the experience.

After hearing some friends critique of the album, Blue Sky Noise, I was a little worried. I did hear one song prior to release date, “Get Out” and I was already mezmorized by it’s “awesomeness” so hearing my friends say the rest of the album was not up to standards was worrysome for me.

I purchased the album and happened to be out sick from work that day and the following day and I listened to it literally all day, trying to form my own opinion of the album. You can really tell the band is maturing and really growing into the collaborative whole that makes up Circa Survive. Every musical aspect on the album meshes very well together. They encorporate acoustic guitars (which you should know by now is my favorite. If you don’t, you need to visit here more often) and I’m very happy they don’t overuse guitar effects, they retained their original Circa Survive sound.

 Anthony Green is one of my all time favorite front men, his live show is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It really appears the music controls him and flows through him the entire show you just sit there with your jaw dropped. He was deemed “The Golden Baby” and you can really see why at shows, he has a very mezmorizing aura when he’s got the mic in his hand. His vocals on this album are excellent, he keeps his unique straining high notes that only Mr. Green can hit and make it sound good. His lyrics have always been awesome, his writing compliments his melodies perfectly.

I highly recommend this album for any music lover. It’s something we don’t see much anymore, a unique quality sound. Circa Survive does not sound like any other band! My favorite song is “Get Out” it’s very rugged and full of passion, “Dyed in the Wool” is a very close second. Go check out Blue Sky Noise  and let me know what you think! It’s available on iTunes and in stores! I recommend buying the deluxe version of the album for the acoustic version of some of the  songs, they are brilliant.

My official rating of this album is 4 out of 5 stars.

Some random quotes I’ve seen off people’s facebook statuses about the album:

Between the new Coheed and Cambria CD and the new Circa Survive CD, I think my ears are in heaven. Ahhh so much good music at once. It’s been so long since I’ve really enjoyed music. :D”

“fully enjoying the new Circa Survive cd!”



  1. Thanks for the review Nate! I have to admit, I have not listened to that much music as of late, but you have me interested. I will mos def check them out and let you know what I think….

  2. i just pick up the album and gave it a once over in the car non stop. gave me chills nate. i was consumed by the music. i felt it. i love it. nothing more to say that you already didnt man. glad anthony green is still being anthony green . cant wait to see them again.

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