The Descendants

 The Descendants

Decending into a new atmosphere, I am weightless.
I will take the air in my lungs and recreate this.
Picture my thoughts, they flow with rhythm and motion.
Calm yet chaotic like the waves of an ocean.
I will breath life into you through my essence.
You will try to take life from me and my descendants.
I am transparent and you are solid and tasteless.
I display my heart on my sleeve while you remain faceless.
Destiny is a fallacy and I can see yours.
You tempt me with mine and close many doors.
I am not riddled by your torment, I know I will get there.
You are weak and opaque, and I warn you beware.
One day we will meet up in the end and we will see,
The true meaning of the words we use to describe destiny.
You use fate and ambition,
I use love and submission.
For when you are lonley are you not aware?
That with love in your heart, there is no need to be scared.
Your ambition can only lead to an end.
While my love will see through and descend.
Through my loved ones future, past or present.
There will be a piece of me in all my descendants



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