Official Review: Deftones “Diamond Eyes”

Deftones new album:
Diamond Eyes

Deftones released a new album after a pretty long wait and needless to say, I was excited. Their last released album Saturday Night Wrist was the last we heard from one of the most unique successful bands in the history of heavy music. Every album released has had a different feel to it but there’s always that Deftones sound that we all know and love.

Diamond Eyes I feel brings a lot of the styles from their previous albums into play. Most apparent is the distorted guitar melody similar to that of White Pony. Chino’s vocals are more similar to the later releases such that we hear on Saturday Night Wrist in comparison to that of Adrenaline.

My favorite track on the album is entitled “Rocket Skates” it has the edge of early Deftones that I love so much. I always love when they decide to bring back some of their hard riffs, something Chino can express his unique sound that we don’t hear often in hard music.

Although this album is good, if I were to compare it with previous releases I would have to say it’s not their best work. Not my least favorite album at all (B-Sides & Rarities is my least favorite work released by the Deftones). It is hard to top White Pony and since I love the hard early day sound of the Deftones, Adrenaline is right up there with White Pony.

I guess the question is… Do I rate this album in comparison to the music industry or to their previous works? Because as far as the recent releases of other bands, I would say this album is superior to a lot. But in comparison to their own works, it would fall somewhere in the middle…  I’m going to rate this album compared to other Deftones albums because when you produce quality you should be judged based on past work.

Official Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

If you’re a Deftones fan, I do strongly recommend picking up this album. When you set the bar high, it’s hard to jump over it.


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