Nate’s Mix Tape Monday 5/17/2010 – Further Seems Forever

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: New Year’s Project
by Further Seems Forever

It’s that time of the week again! The one and only thing to look forward to on Mondays right?! This week Nate’s Mix Tape Monday features “New Years Project” by Further Seems Forever. The lead vocals of this beautiful melodic track might sound familiar to you…

Guess it yet? It’s Chris Carrabba founder of Dashboard Confessional… Whoa did you hear that? Just by typing his name I heard thousands of girls screaming. Carrabba is known for his romance driven lyrics (negative and positive) which allows him to be welcomed into the hearts of all of us looking for love or had love taken away.

Further Seems Forever brings Carrabba’s talent backed up by some excellent musicians who create such amazing music to¬†compliment him. After Carrabba left the band, they didn’t stop there. They recruited another one of my favorite front men, Jason Gleason.

Unfortuneatly for us, Further Seems Forever hasn’t been the same since Gleason, similarly to Carrabba, left the band. Further Seems Forever was such a great band they still rank quite high on my talent list.

Here’s New Year’s Project by Further Seems Forever… Enjoy!


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