Yo! Where’s my beat?!

Let’s Talk Drums…

My first musical passion came from my drum set when I was 13 years old. My parents bought me a drum set after lots of begging and convincing that I wouldn’t just let it sit and collect dust… I’d like to share some of my favorite drummers and why I believe if you have a good drummer, your band is highly likely to have what I would like to label “divine rhythmic intervention”. Please, allow me to define this for you…

Nate’s Description of Nate’s made up label:
Divine Rhythmic Intervention:
(verb) To force a being to interpret rhythm into physical and emotional action (tapping of foot, clapping of hands, banging of head, etc.)

If you have a good drummer, you will see this in your crowd. Now let’s get to the drummers…

First I’d like to feature the drummer from Lamb of God, Chris Adler:
This man can sync his feet for his double bass with absolute precision. Lamb of God is almost ridiculously together musically. The drums match every guitar riff so perfectly, you’d think there was some higher connection between the guitarist and drummer… oh wait, there is! Chris Adler is able to sync his rhythmical gift with his brother, Willie Adler, one guitarist of Lamb of God. But that goes without saying, both are extremely talented and both work extremely hard to be where they’re at today (special thanks to www.drummerworld.com for the video)

Our next feature is Carter Beauford of… Dave Matthews Band. I know my main premise for this site is for bands who are not recognized by main stream music either as much as they should, or not at all. However, this man has extreme talent and he definitely deserves the recognition. I love this drummer for his use of not so generic beats. If you threw an ordinary rock drummer in Dave Matthews Band I can guarantee the band would not be as big as it is today, straight up (it’s a bold statement, but I back it full force.)

Tim Yeung of Divine Heresy is next. I actually have never heard of Divine Heresy until one of my class mates told me if I’m a drummer, I’d love this band. I checked them out and I’m stunned by the speed and consistantcy of Tim’s double bass… Breath taking.

The last drummer I’m going to feature on this particular post is Matt Greiner of August Burns Red… The drums on their albums are always so awesome it’s probably why I love this band so much… He’s always switching it up throughout the tracks.

Now before you get all upset that I did not post Travis Barker up here, know this: I understand and salute his greatness, but almost everyone already knows how great he is. I’d like to get some drummers that maybe you haven’t heard of, or at least didn’t know their names. I realize there’s plenty of talent behind the set, these are just a couple of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed and became engulphed in these drummer’s divine rhythmic intervention…

If your kid asks you for a drum set, get him/her one, you never know where the talent is.



  1. Let’s not forget Animal, of: The Muppets. That dude has passion!

    I’m not a drummer, but a few have really stood out as I’ve listened to their music:

    Danny Carey of Tool – happens to have been recognized by Rolling Stone as the 7th greatest drummer of all time.

    Steve Clifford of Circa Survive

    Some people have said that the drummer that Saosin used in Translating the Name (Pat McGrath) was equally as influential in the greatness of that album as Anthony Green but I don’t think he’s really done anything else. He is awesome in that album!

    • Yeah the drums on Translating the Name are sick! He used to be the drum tech to Slayer, I’m not sure if he still is but it was interesting to see Saosin’s current drummer try to keep up with his crazy fills (he did better than I could do). Thanks Dave.

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