Beyond the Blue

Beyond the Blue

I take a sip from the unlabeled bottle and start to tingle
My blood starts to boil, my hearing starts to jingle
Feeling walls start to crumble and shatter,
I lift my chin as if nothing ever mattered.
The memories that once owned me fade away,
My mind starts to focus on the present, today.
All of a sudden my soul is wretched from my body and I fly free
Into a colorful world of opportunity.
When I finally reach the ground, I am weightless.
Feeling empty, satisfied and gracious.
What was that weight holding me down anyway?
It was you and your false sense of security.
Be free child, a distant voice whispered
Be free and live for yourself think of your faults as a blister.
At first annoying and painful, but give it time and it will heal.
Much like you just did, how does it feel?
I feel amazing, never better!
Wrong answer, you are here and you are now, stop trying to be clever.
What do you mean? Who are you anyway?
I am you, and you are me it’s not a mystery.
Before, I was bogged down by your fear and misery
Now I am free like a wave in the sea.
How can I repay you for this gift I said to the voice,
Be honest to yourself think as if it’s not a choice.
Dedication was in you all along, you just ignored it.
Do not fret, do not settle and never give in to torment.
Be free my child, remain true to you.
Don’t let anyone tell you the sky is the limit
Because there are stars beyond the blue.


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