Let’s Talk Hanson

Let’s Talk Hanson, Where’s the Love?!

Before I do the official review of Hanson’s newest album Shout it Out, I’d like to give a little background story why I think Hanson is such an inspiration to music/musicians (whoa didn’t expect that right?!.. Read on grasshopper (in Mr. Miyagi voice)

Let’s go back… 1997 Hanson released Middle of Nowhere with 3 time grammy nomination song “MMMbop” with the major label, Mercury Records. Most people were quite annoyed with Hanson at this point in their career, I guess it could be similar to the Justin Bieber hype today only I do have a major defense for that… Hanson has always played their own instruments and written their own music. I’m not a Justin Bieber fan and I don’t know much about him, but I do know that he doesn’t play his own instruments in his music (I know… he plays drums!… whatever, if you’d like to argue this point with me, contact me via e-mail I’d be happy to enlighten you.) Let’s get back to Hanson…

Mercury Records ended up merging and to make a long story short, Hanson was pushed to Island Def Jam Music Group where they started becoming artistically conflicted because the label was trying to force them to write their music a “certain way” (*Cough* Radio garbage).. After recording their album This Time Around, and touring with their own funds for the album, because of a lack of promotional funds via the label, Hanson walked.

Where did they go after that? This is where I tip my hat to Hanson, they didn’t sign with another major label, they decided to go independent and formed their own label, 3CG Records (named after their very first EP Three Car Garage) Under this independent label, they have recorded multiple albums (Their best work in my opinion) including: Underneath, The Walk, Stand Up Stand Up (EP), and the newest addition, Shout it Out (which will be reviewed on this blog in the very near future.)

Musically, I think Hanson has released some awesome music. I’ve always been a huge Hanson fan, and I probably always will. Especially the fact that they refused to be forced to make the music they didn’t want to because of contracts and labels. They create the art they want and in my opinion, are quite successful in doing so.

Being that they produce all of their music themselves, I strongly encourage you to purchase their albums rather than download or buy second hand because the money essentially goes straight to them. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say support the musician!

They are also very active off the stage, if you’d like more information visit their website at www.hanson.net.


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