It’s Beyond the Mind

Take Me to a Place Where Logic Doesn’t Exist

Almost every morning I wake up I usually lay in bed for a period of time and put my iPod on shuffle and today this thought hit me… I always seem to skip songs that are a different genre almost every day. For example, today I found myself skipping through all the songs that weren’t hardcore music. But yesterday, I would skip everything that wasn’t acoustic.

Those of you who have a diverse collection of music can probably relate to this post. Have you ever been angry and thought “Man, I need some ‘angry’ music!” The logic makes sense. However, you put the “angry” music on, and after about a song you’re just not feeling it, it’s not making you feel better like you thought it would. Then some mellow acoustic song comes on and you’re totally connected.

Maybe your situation is a little different. My point is, it’s literal proof that connection to music is beyond your mind. I think it’s so extraordinary that some unknown force controls what I’m “in the mood for”. The more I listen to music, the  stronger the connection grows to this force. Which is one reason why I usually don’t like riding in someone elses car because I have no control over the music (I know… a little over the top!).

As I’ve said before, I’m addicted to music. And I want it around me at all times it feeds a part of me that can’t be explained. And I hope most of you can experience that same feeling.

If you haven’t thought about this, and your music collecton is rather narrow, I suggest tasting new stuff you never know what you’ll be connected to.



  1. I couldn’t agree more. Great post, Nate.

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