Saying Goodbye, Way too Young.

I’ve been fortunate enough to really only be around death with warning, until recently. Although very painful, the grief of losing a loved one to old age is not the same as something that is just unexpected. For my first post back, I’d like to honor my cousin, Nick as well as a friend Josh whom have both passed away way too young. This song is by Iron & Wine his music is some in which you can easily fall into a trance. Connection is music for me. A musician who has the ability to take hold of their listener and really feed them a story or expression is amazing.

Josh and I were on the same page when it comes to music, both musicians of different types with the same longing to feed our passion through to the listener. Josh would often send me some of his music to listen to because every time we got together we’d have deep conversations of more than just lyrics or melody. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be about music anymore, it would be so much deeper. I think he would appreciate the fact when I hear this song, I think of my fallen (or risen depending on your perspective) friends/family.

Nick was the most outgoing amazing kid I’ve ever known. His social ability is one I never even knew was possible. It’s been a year and I still think about Nick all the time at random times a wave of his light just fills me up.

In honor of Nick and Josh, I give you this song. Listen, and feel their presence (song is below the pictures).

Artist: Iron & Wine
Song: Homeward, These Shoes
Homeward the new road meanders
Washed out the old road as to what did I bring
Flowers, a verse about springtime
Perchance in the treeline she’s awaiting for me
Homeward these shoes worn to paper
Thin as the reason I left here so young
Homeward and what if I see her
There in the doorway I walked away from

White house asleep on the hillside
Firm as a habit I struggled to shed
Homeward with heaven above me
Old road behind me, a door up ahead

Thank you Jacob Atchley for the video.


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