Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 9/3/2012 – Simon Wilcox

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Artist featured: Simon Wilcox
Song: Empty Sky

It’s a rainy day here today. Depending on the situation, the rain can bring a sense of calm or relaxation to those who have the opportunity to do so. When this opportunity arises, take advantage of it. We work our bodies hard non-stop and the truth is many of us don’t treat our bodies the way we should. So when you have a few minutes to give your body do it. This week’s Nate’s Mix Tape Monday song goes to a great song to just lay back and listen to by Simon Wilcox it’s called Empty Sky.

The opening intro to the song actually reminds me a lot of Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. I like the blues influence given to the riff and as the song progresses it really morphs into more of a pop sound while keeping that intro guitar riff present. You might hear this song and think “I’ve heard this before…” it was in the movie Brothers. If you have the opportunity today, do yourself a favor and play this track while laying back relaxing every part of your body. Don’t think about anything else, just listen and relax.


I’d like to SUPLEX the word COMPLEX

I’d like to SUPLEX the word COMPLEX

Has this situation ever happened to you?

You: Oh, have you heard this band? I love their stuff!

Mr. EgoMusician: They suck, I can play all their stuff with my eyes closed while sitting on an airplane in coach AND eating the 7 peanuts they gave me.

Ugh… I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in Mr. EgoMusician’s shoes, I’ve said those exact words… in high school. But I’ve grown to realize musicianship is NOT about complexity or the ability to play an instrument using complex and difficult progressions. It’s about the sound you generate that can form a pleasing melody to ones ears…That’s it.

Now before all you guitar club people jump on my back, I’d like to say complexity can be an awesome feature if used correctly, emphasizing the word correctly

Let’s think about this a little bit. Sure, there are those music lovers who enjoy the science of music, they seek out those musicians who are way above par and innovators of an instrument or genre. I can get into that, and I understand your quest. But to most listeners of music, it’s all about connection and entertainment. Those two words can essentially group almost everyone who enjoys music together.

I think this is why I love Pop Punk so much… It’s usually quite simple to play, but so catchy! I think it’s a necessity to have music you can roll your windows down to and just rock out. Simplicity is often liberating. Most don’t realize how many songs are based off the same melody/progression as Pachelbel’s Cannon D, check out the video below it’s funny but so true. Is this a problem? I wouldn’t say it is, as I’ve said many times before connection is music. If you hear a song that grasps you then the musician did his/her part.

Let’s stop being music snobs, analyzing music is one thing, attempting to bring someone down based on how easy their power chords in their song that everybody knows is another.

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