Change Your Default, Change the World.

I just had one of those “click moments” where life wanted to teach me. I wrote it down in my journal but I like where it went and I want to share it here too. This may get kind of long, but I think it’ll be worth the read.

We stress so much about things that in the grand scheme of life, shouldn’t matter. An example of this (it may be elementary but stick with me) even as I was just thinking this thought “We stress so much about things that shouldn’t matter” within milliseconds of me coming to that general conclusive statement, I spilled something and I immediately said aloud, “Fuck!”. It took me under 5 seconds to clean up and I was quickly made aware that I was just completely pulled out of my thoughts into this situation. So, what’s the deal with that? I have a theory…

First, let’s go back to our base psychological mind state, primitive. We are animals. So what if a dog spilled the same stuff I spilled? I don’t think it would even react let alone get stressed about it. My theory is, as we have evolved (and continue to evolve) we have trained ourselves and our society so profoundly that even if we are in the greatest mood, if something small, and typically irrelevant, spontaneously happens around us that we don’t expect, our new natural reaction, or default if you will, is a kind of stress. Similar to the fight or flight phenomenon our brain pulls us directly into the moment, no matter how calm you might have been, and just goes to default mode until we have time to assess where we’re at and what the situation is — in which case we can move to diffuse the stress.

You can see this on the macro level as well. An example, some TV personality, or whomever really, will say something “offensive” and unexpected. Immediately, our society virtually jumps into “default” mode and we stress, we react. Words can have a negative impact and I’m not saying the “offensive” statements should go unwarranted. I’m just saying it really doesn’t deserve a reaction, it shouldn’t have a tangible impact on your mood.

We most often stress about “time.” “I’m running out of time to have kids”, “It’s too late for me to start investing for retirement, I’ll be working forever”, “I don’t have time to talk to you”.. Etc.

The concept of a measurable component of our lives is a man made idea. I’m inclined to even go as far to say none of us have the same “time”. Some have more, some have less, based on the measurement we created. But in true reality, the ability to measure moments into a finite element doesn’t exist. It’s just another excuse for us to stress.

What’s the conclusion? Change your default, retrain society, change the world….

Thanks for listening!


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