Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 08/30/2010 – Aerosmith

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Flesh

by Aerosmith

 It’s Monday, and Nate’s Mix Tape Monday has been one thing you’ve been looking forward to start the week with right?! Well I’ve recently been on a huge Aerosmith binge. Aerosmith is a very likable band by almost anyone. I’ve never really met anyone who doesn’t like Aerosmith, and if you’re going to be that one person who says Nate, I got bad news for ya, I despise Aerosmith’s greatness… Well just stop here and wait until next Monday, I’ll have something for you. In the meantime, this is Flesh by Aerosmith on their Get a Grip album.

 You know how I talk about the mind connecting experiences with music? (For those of you that don’t…CLICK HERE and you need to visit more often!) Well I’m connected with this album as well as Big Ones to my homeschooling days. I used to listen to these albums all the time when I did my work so when I listen, I get reminded of that.

Do any of you have any connections to Aerosmith? Let’s hear it! Enjoy… FLESH


Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 7/26/2010 – Alkaline Trio

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Crawl

by Alkaline Trio


Happy Monday! It’s been quite an eventful week for me, I finally finished my project (Stormtrooper armor) and I found a lot of the time I worked on it, I was listening to this band. So this week’s edition of Nate’s Mix Tape Monday goes to Alkaline Trio, “Crawl” off my favorite album From Here to the Infirmary enjoy!

Thanks Alkaline Trio…

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 7/19/10 – New Found Glory

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: 2’s & 3’s

By: New Found Glory

I apologize for missing a couple of Monday’s! This week we have an ultimate high school song for me. I absolutely love it every time this song comes on my iPod. This album was a soundtrack to my high school years, I can vividly remember walking down the halls blasting this is my disc man (remember those?!). New Found Glory is without a doubt the kings of pop-punk.

Enjoy, and remember….


PS: this YouTube video is wrong it was actually released on Nothing Gold Can Stay.

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 6/28/2010 – Good Old War

It’s been a crazy week! World Cup soccer has been keeping me company, and I recently worked my last day at my internship. At this point, I’d like to just sit back in a nice soft comfortable chair with my headphones softly whispering into my ear with some pure acoustic magic.

For this week, I’m going to go that route, and also incorporate a track from my review of Good Old War’s album “My Name’s Sorrow” (See it HERE). I love this song, the lyrics, the soft guitar and the all around melody. I’ve been told I often enjoy sad songs, but I’m here to tell the people who think that: the lyrics aren’t the only aspect of the song from which I derive it’s meaning. Personally, I connect to the melody and the “feel” of a song before I even pay attention to the lyrics. I’m sure it’s different for everybody, which is awesome because it gives me stuff to talk about with people.

Check it out, here’s Good Old War’s “My Name’s Sorrow” off their self titled album. The quality in this video basically sucks and I apologize for that. Please go purchase the song from iTunes.

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday -6/21/2010 – Yellowcard

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Life of a Salesman

By: Yellowcard

This week’s edition of Nate’s Mix Tape Monday is dedicated to Father’s Day! We are bringing it back to my high school days, I can vividly remember walking through the halls going to home  room playing this album on my disc man. I’m one of those people where I can even smell the halls, all my senses are very connected.

This song, “Life of a Salesman” is off Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue album which came out in 2003. I have always liked Yellowcard because they did things differently, as you will hear in this song they have a violin player. That’s right, a violin player in a pop punk band! I have to give credit to unique, when I first heard they had a vioin in their music I thought it would be a disaster.

Here it is… enjoy!

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 6/7/10 – Valencia

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Listen Up
By Valencia

Welcome to June! It’s that time of the week, most of you have been gritting your teeth towards your alarm clocks, quoting that all famous quote “I hate  Monday…” Well I’m about to give a little pop of great music into your dreaded Monday routine.

This week’s feature is “Listen Up” by Valencia, local boys based out of Philadelphia! This song has an amazing sing a long chorus the minute I heard it, it went directly into my “favorites” list. Valencia has impressed me, I can’t wait to hear some new stuff.

Enjoy! … Try to ignore Mr. Lip the song on YouTube. It’s the only quality sound I could find for this song.


Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 5/31/2010 – Jamie Lidell

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Multiply
By Jamie Lidell

We’re going to go into the Soul genre (who says white boys don’t have soul?!) this week for Nate’s Mix Tape Monday. I found out about this artist recently from a blog post that has a similar purpose as my blog, to show the world there’s an abundance of great music not recognized by main stream media. Jamie also takes a page out of Michael Jackson’s book and includes his own beat boxing in his tracks (underneath all the music. Michael Jackson used to beat box and build on top of that). I think that’s awesome that a track will literally start with nothing but human sound with no instrument, or technology.

I just find comfort in the fact that it’s the person making the melody not technology. Anyway, enjoy!


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