Are you ready for some football?! Or whatever floats your boat?!

It’s that time of year again, I am gathering materials for our annual fantasy football draft night! Football season is huge in my family, it’s awesome to experience the games and especially draft your chosen fantasy champions of the year! Ok fine, I haven’t had any champions yet, but I have been close!

This is just a quick post to remind everyone to enjoy some of the smaller things in life. Sure this will take up a night that could be used to better my education or be more productive as far as economic manipulation is concerned… But remember if you never have any fun what’s the point?

Whether it be football, basketball, dressing up in Stormtrooper armor, or whatever puts a smile on your face… Do it.


Because I hate living in a world full of miserable people. Enjoy life (And never become an accounting major… haha)

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