“Stop Acting Like a Victim, Start Acting” – – Outsourcing (my article from college)

A note: I didn’t edit this article because I want it to remain accurate. But I would have phrased some things a little differently at this point. However, the overall message, I am still a proponent for. Our country was founded on entrepreneurs, my generation needs to keep it that way.

Outsourcing is one of the most feared words in the vocabulary of United States workers. As communication and technological advances become more efficient, globalization is becoming quite the pandemic across business culture. Trends have proved that most companies base their decision to outsource on the cost benefit of a given activity. If the said activity is not cost beneficial, there is a high probability of that activity being out-sourced to an area that will lower cost and thus increasing it’s contribution margin which will yield higher profits for the company. Analyzing this fact, a conclusion can be made to fight against outsourcing, we must manipulate the cost benefit function to provide an acceptable and realizable benefit of keeping the activity in question local. In order to do this, every function, or employee, of the activity must be efficient and work toward a common goal.

Most workers fail to realize that top management’s decisions that involve costs can be traced back directly to them. The productivity and efficiency level they work at are what drives the data that top management use to make key business decisions. For example, in the ABC costing method, each activity is measured by how much resource is used, how many labor hours must be allocated to that project for completion, and actual overhead is applied. Essentially, every cost that is associated with a very specific activity is measured and recorded. ABC costing is a very popular method to use to measure whether a given activity is cost beneficial. And it is frequently used to determine whether outsourcing should be utilized.

In order to help eliminate jobs being out-sourced to other economies, we must find a way to motivate workers to eliminate the apathetic way of thinking, into a more productive and beneficial way of thinking. The organization must run as a system. And every function of that system must be working toward a common goal. By individualizing each function of the system into an independent variable, separate from the whole, we are eliminating the motivation to stay on track towards the common goal. One example that I believe causes this separation is hourly pay.

Hourly pay in most cases is very inefficient. By assigning a determined pay rate per hour for each individual employee is generally similar to asking that employee to work as slow as they can. As an individual, the goal of work is to make money. By assigning an hourly rate, we tell the employee that the longer you stay, the more you get paid. This is a total contradiction to the common goal the organization theoretically should place in the minds of their employees. Success is based on efficiency and productivity along with proper measurement of demand and cost to revenue relationships.

Fundamentally, we can help eliminate outsourcing by influencing a positive output for the data used by top management. In the example of ABC costing, as workers, we can eliminate a lot of the cost by reducing labor hours per unit of activity and be more aware of how much resource we consume to create that unit. As management, we need to find a solution to the individualization of the functions of a system, and bring them together to work toward a common goal. We need to reward workers on their output, not their hours creating the output. Everyone has a roll in protecting the local jobs. The world is becoming smaller as our technology and knowledge grows larger.

Let’s change this, we are the future of business.


Change Your Default, Change the World.

I just had one of those “click moments” where life wanted to teach me. I wrote it down in my journal but I like where it went and I want to share it here too. This may get kind of long, but I think it’ll be worth the read.

We stress so much about things that in the grand scheme of life, shouldn’t matter. An example of this (it may be elementary but stick with me) even as I was just thinking this thought “We stress so much about things that shouldn’t matter” within milliseconds of me coming to that general conclusive statement, I spilled something and I immediately said aloud, “Fuck!”. It took me under 5 seconds to clean up and I was quickly made aware that I was just completely pulled out of my thoughts into this situation. So, what’s the deal with that? I have a theory…

First, let’s go back to our base psychological mind state, primitive. We are animals. So what if a dog spilled the same stuff I spilled? I don’t think it would even react let alone get stressed about it. My theory is, as we have evolved (and continue to evolve) we have trained ourselves and our society so profoundly that even if we are in the greatest mood, if something small, and typically irrelevant, spontaneously happens around us that we don’t expect, our new natural reaction, or default if you will, is a kind of stress. Similar to the fight or flight phenomenon our brain pulls us directly into the moment, no matter how calm you might have been, and just goes to default mode until we have time to assess where we’re at and what the situation is — in which case we can move to diffuse the stress.

You can see this on the macro level as well. An example, some TV personality, or whomever really, will say something “offensive” and unexpected. Immediately, our society virtually jumps into “default” mode and we stress, we react. Words can have a negative impact and I’m not saying the “offensive” statements should go unwarranted. I’m just saying it really doesn’t deserve a reaction, it shouldn’t have a tangible impact on your mood.

We most often stress about “time.” “I’m running out of time to have kids”, “It’s too late for me to start investing for retirement, I’ll be working forever”, “I don’t have time to talk to you”.. Etc.

The concept of a measurable component of our lives is a man made idea. I’m inclined to even go as far to say none of us have the same “time”. Some have more, some have less, based on the measurement we created. But in true reality, the ability to measure moments into a finite element doesn’t exist. It’s just another excuse for us to stress.

What’s the conclusion? Change your default, retrain society, change the world….

Thanks for listening!

Visualization – Dream Home

This visualization included a couple of goals of mine in the future. I believe it’s because my dream home will require the input from a couple of my other goals. I think you’ll understand once you get into it… Here it goes…

It’s May. We finally found the home we’ve been looking for. It was a rainy April, but we didn’t mind because most of the time, our Realtor was showing us houses and he blocked the uncomfort with his large umbrella that ironically, blocked the rain just as the roof of our new home would block the uncomfort. It finally came… After feeling like we’d toured every house in the area, we found the one that would be our sanctuary for years to come. I remember the first time we pulled in…

The driveway had a little bump that I knew we’d have to level out if my Lotus wasn’t going to get scratched when I pulled into the garage. I felt uneasy from the start because that was the first thing I experienced, aside from the “Miller family” mailbox I knew I’d have to replace. But as we pulled into the driveway I noticed there’d be plenty of room to install a basketball hoop, one of the fun memories I had in the house I grew up in. I remember picturing me and Shaq going head to head in foul shots to win the championship, or saying to myself “if I make this shot, this girl will like me” and pictured my son doing the same.

We entered the home through the front door — as the Realtor said to us, “If you’re going to enter your future home, you want to enter just as all of your guests would”. We walked to the front door and I remember thinking how tall these doors were, it felt like I was a little child again, except I could reach the door knob. We entered into a foyer and I immediately pictured having one of those cool little containers people used to put their umbrellas in back in the old time TV show days… Mine would be a droid from Star Wars.

We had 3 routes we could take on the first floor. The first route to our left, leaded to a very open room in which the ceilings were high and the walls seemed to be nothing but windows. I pictured having a long couch, in an L shape, almost my round table for social events. I pictured me and my friends sitting around this social round table (even though it’s actually a perpendicular couch) laughing over drinks about the way our kids first reacted to a diaper change.

Straight ahead was the kitchen. I pictured Mother’s Day. I pictured me doing my best at my wife’s favorite breakfast, poached eggs. I never learned how to cook poached eggs, and I did a terrible job at attempting it, but she smiled and suffered through it giving me a smile as I served it in bed, she ate every bite. Even though I almost spilled the orange juice onto our 1,000 thread sheets she had bought specifically for our first night in our dream house together, she was happy.

To the right of the front door,  was the two car garage that held my Lotus and a 4 door BMW my wife chose because she wanted a big family.

Straight ahead, if you passed the kitchen as you entered through the front door, there is a stair case about 12 feet away from the entrance that leads up to the second floor. About 5 feet from the staircase on the second floor, was a bathroom that I remember picturing my kids fighting about how long one was taking, while the other one still needed to get ready for the first day of school. I pictured my first son always getting up late and always being caught between the awkwardly long showers of my other son. We had a stereo that I encouraged all of my kids to listen to as they got ready because that’s how I usually started my day since I’ve been young. I found that when you listen to music you love in the shower, you were less likely to think about how much it stinks you have to go to work, or school. That idea backfired as my second son loves singing in the shower.

Once you reach the second floor after climbing two flights of stairs, on the opposite sides of the bathroom, if you choose the left path, you will go down a short hallway that leads to the master bedroom. If you enter the master bedroom you will find it has it’s own entrance. When you walk in, at first it will seem as if you entered a hallway from a hallway. But as you reach the end of this pathway and look to your right, you will see a decently large room, with a balcony over looking the back yard. I remember going out on this balcony and picturing a table that my wife and her friends were sitting at, drinking a summer drink. She looks up to me, and we smile at one another. Both knowing the smile is to say, “I’m happy”.

To the right of the bathroom is a second bedroom, that will serve as a bedroom for my two sons until one is man enough to ask me to have the basement, which will serve as my man cave until then. They will share a room until that point. Why? Because I think it’s beneficial to conquer your fear to ask at a young age. To realize that “all I had to do was ask” and whichever son comes to that first will receive. It’s an important lesson that both will learn.

I walk to the back yard and realized it’s pretty large. I dreaded thinking about the labor it would take to mow this lawn. But then I pictured riding with my son, when he was young, on the mower. He had a sun hat on as if he was at the beach, because I’m very protective about sun burn. He’s laughing and holding the steering wheel and I can’t help but not pay attention to mowing the lawn. With my attention averted, once I thought I was finished, I notice many streaks of long grass. But I can’t help but smile because what averted my attention was my son laughing uncontrollably at me swerving the lawn mower each time he slapped the steering wheel. The flaws in the lawn are a reminder of how lucky I am.

As we pull away, I realize I haven’t told my wife any of these visions I’d had. I wanted this house… As we were sitting in the back seat of the Realtor’s car, I looked to her. I noticed she was staring out the window looking at the sky, smiling. I knew I didn’t even need to share my visions with her, because she had already formed her own. This house was ours.

Visualization – Debt Freedom

It’s January 1st, 2014 I just received my paycheck and I’m about to make the last payment on my car that will officially make me debt free — what a way to start the new year! As I click the payment button, I raise my glass of Gentleman Jack whiskey on the rocks with a single maraschino cherry cut in half to the screen and take a sip. I take a deep breath, exhaling the inner relief that has the scent of my favorite whiskey and I hit the submit button – yes, I’m sure. And just like that, I’m debt free!

There’s an extreme rush of accomplishment that comes over my body like stepping into a hot bath after being cold for hours. I can do nothing but smile. I post up on my Facebook to let all my friends and family who have supported me through my journey know that I’ve finally arrived. I get an overwhelming response of approval and congratulatory comments from my loved ones.

I decide I’d like to take a ride in my paid for car. I drive back roads that rock me back and forth as if the universe is congratulating me similar to scoring a touchdown and your team rushes over to pat your shoulder pads pushing you back and forth with excitement and approval. Windows down, blasting Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, I laugh at myself about how cheesy it is picking music that would make you think of a movie where the awkward kid finally gets a date to the prom, but it feels right.

I pull up to a bar I’ve never been to and decide to go in and have a meal that doesn’t include any beans or rice and a drink that isn’t on special. As I eat that meal, I am thankful for every bite and most of all I’m thankful for the behaviors that brought me to this meal.

My journey has just begun….

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 9/3/2012 – Simon Wilcox

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Artist featured: Simon Wilcox
Song: Empty Sky

It’s a rainy day here today. Depending on the situation, the rain can bring a sense of calm or relaxation to those who have the opportunity to do so. When this opportunity arises, take advantage of it. We work our bodies hard non-stop and the truth is many of us don’t treat our bodies the way we should. So when you have a few minutes to give your body do it. This week’s Nate’s Mix Tape Monday song goes to a great song to just lay back and listen to by Simon Wilcox it’s called Empty Sky.

The opening intro to the song actually reminds me a lot of Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam. I like the blues influence given to the riff and as the song progresses it really morphs into more of a pop sound while keeping that intro guitar riff present. You might hear this song and think “I’ve heard this before…” it was in the movie Brothers. If you have the opportunity today, do yourself a favor and play this track while laying back relaxing every part of your body. Don’t think about anything else, just listen and relax.

I’d like to SUPLEX the word COMPLEX

I’d like to SUPLEX the word COMPLEX

Has this situation ever happened to you?

You: Oh, have you heard this band? I love their stuff!

Mr. EgoMusician: They suck, I can play all their stuff with my eyes closed while sitting on an airplane in coach AND eating the 7 peanuts they gave me.

Ugh… I’m not going to lie, I’ve been in Mr. EgoMusician’s shoes, I’ve said those exact words… in high school. But I’ve grown to realize musicianship is NOT about complexity or the ability to play an instrument using complex and difficult progressions. It’s about the sound you generate that can form a pleasing melody to ones ears…That’s it.

Now before all you guitar club people jump on my back, I’d like to say complexity can be an awesome feature if used correctly, emphasizing the word correctly

Let’s think about this a little bit. Sure, there are those music lovers who enjoy the science of music, they seek out those musicians who are way above par and innovators of an instrument or genre. I can get into that, and I understand your quest. But to most listeners of music, it’s all about connection and entertainment. Those two words can essentially group almost everyone who enjoys music together.

I think this is why I love Pop Punk so much… It’s usually quite simple to play, but so catchy! I think it’s a necessity to have music you can roll your windows down to and just rock out. Simplicity is often liberating. Most don’t realize how many songs are based off the same melody/progression as Pachelbel’s Cannon D, check out the video below it’s funny but so true. Is this a problem? I wouldn’t say it is, as I’ve said many times before connection is music. If you hear a song that grasps you then the musician did his/her part.

Let’s stop being music snobs, analyzing music is one thing, attempting to bring someone down based on how easy their power chords in their song that everybody knows is another.

Saying Goodbye, Way too Young.

I’ve been fortunate enough to really only be around death with warning, until recently. Although very painful, the grief of losing a loved one to old age is not the same as something that is just unexpected. For my first post back, I’d like to honor my cousin, Nick as well as a friend Josh whom have both passed away way too young. This song is by Iron & Wine his music is some in which you can easily fall into a trance. Connection is music for me. A musician who has the ability to take hold of their listener and really feed them a story or expression is amazing.

Josh and I were on the same page when it comes to music, both musicians of different types with the same longing to feed our passion through to the listener. Josh would often send me some of his music to listen to because every time we got together we’d have deep conversations of more than just lyrics or melody. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be about music anymore, it would be so much deeper. I think he would appreciate the fact when I hear this song, I think of my fallen (or risen depending on your perspective) friends/family.

Nick was the most outgoing amazing kid I’ve ever known. His social ability is one I never even knew was possible. It’s been a year and I still think about Nick all the time at random times a wave of his light just fills me up.

In honor of Nick and Josh, I give you this song. Listen, and feel their presence (song is below the pictures).

Artist: Iron & Wine
Song: Homeward, These Shoes
Homeward the new road meanders
Washed out the old road as to what did I bring
Flowers, a verse about springtime
Perchance in the treeline she’s awaiting for me
Homeward these shoes worn to paper
Thin as the reason I left here so young
Homeward and what if I see her
There in the doorway I walked away from

White house asleep on the hillside
Firm as a habit I struggled to shed
Homeward with heaven above me
Old road behind me, a door up ahead

Thank you Jacob Atchley for the video.

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