When Vader’s Not Looking

a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away….

Here’s a couple vidoes I did last night, I thought I’d share what happens when Stormtroopers have days off.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience…. the art… the emotion…. The Stormtrooper…

Next time you see a Stormtrooper on the big screen, and think he’s just a heartless goon… Think again, sensetivity when Vader’s not looking!


Nate’s Mix Tape Monday – 4/26/2010 – Emarosa

Nate’s Mix Tape Monday

Featured Song: Heads or Tails? Real or Not
by Emarosa

 It’s time for the very first entry for Nate’s Mix Tape Monday! The first song I’m going to introduce for your listening pleasure is from another one of my favorite front men (musically, off the stage he’s sort of a dick) Jonny Craig. I have been following Jonny Craig’s career since I heard him in Dance Gavin Dance, I then went backwards and finally found his very first cd by Ghost Runner on Third, he was 17.

Upon leaving Dance Gavin Dance he joined a band called Emarosa. I’ve been in love with this band since it’s release of  the Relativity album. The Mix Tape Monday’s featured song comes from that album, in fact it was the very first song I’d heard from this band.

As always, I attached a YouTube video, and as always it really doesn’t do the song justice… I strongly recommend going to buy it from iTunes or purchase the relativity album, you won’t be sorry!

The Descendants

 The Descendants

Decending into a new atmosphere, I am weightless.
I will take the air in my lungs and recreate this.
Picture my thoughts, they flow with rhythm and motion.
Calm yet chaotic like the waves of an ocean.
I will breath life into you through my essence.
You will try to take life from me and my descendants.
I am transparent and you are solid and tasteless.
I display my heart on my sleeve while you remain faceless.
Destiny is a fallacy and I can see yours.
You tempt me with mine and close many doors.
I am not riddled by your torment, I know I will get there.
You are weak and opaque, and I warn you beware.
One day we will meet up in the end and we will see,
The true meaning of the words we use to describe destiny.
You use fate and ambition,
I use love and submission.
For when you are lonley are you not aware?
That with love in your heart, there is no need to be scared.
Your ambition can only lead to an end.
While my love will see through and descend.
Through my loved ones future, past or present.
There will be a piece of me in all my descendants

Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise Offical Review

Circa Survive’s –Blue Sky Noise


 I have been looking forward to this album for over a year now, and I have been following closely to Anthony Green’s twitter comments about the progression of recording, and his ideas for new lyrics. It just added to the excitement of the album release! It was finally released on April 20th, 2010, I barely survived my anticipation. Although, they had the entire album up on their myspace for the fans to hear before the release date, I stayed away because there’s just something about listening to an album on release date for me; it’s part of the experience.

After hearing some friends critique of the album, Blue Sky Noise, I was a little worried. I did hear one song prior to release date, “Get Out” and I was already mezmorized by it’s “awesomeness” so hearing my friends say the rest of the album was not up to standards was worrysome for me.

I purchased the album and happened to be out sick from work that day and the following day and I listened to it literally all day, trying to form my own opinion of the album. You can really tell the band is maturing and really growing into the collaborative whole that makes up Circa Survive. Every musical aspect on the album meshes very well together. They encorporate acoustic guitars (which you should know by now is my favorite. If you don’t, you need to visit here more often) and I’m very happy they don’t overuse guitar effects, they retained their original Circa Survive sound.

 Anthony Green is one of my all time favorite front men, his live show is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It really appears the music controls him and flows through him the entire show you just sit there with your jaw dropped. He was deemed “The Golden Baby” and you can really see why at shows, he has a very mezmorizing aura when he’s got the mic in his hand. His vocals on this album are excellent, he keeps his unique straining high notes that only Mr. Green can hit and make it sound good. His lyrics have always been awesome, his writing compliments his melodies perfectly.

I highly recommend this album for any music lover. It’s something we don’t see much anymore, a unique quality sound. Circa Survive does not sound like any other band! My favorite song is “Get Out” it’s very rugged and full of passion, “Dyed in the Wool” is a very close second. Go check out Blue Sky Noise  and let me know what you think! It’s available on iTunes and in stores! I recommend buying the deluxe version of the album for the acoustic version of some of the  songs, they are brilliant.

My official rating of this album is 4 out of 5 stars.

Some random quotes I’ve seen off people’s facebook statuses about the album:

Between the new Coheed and Cambria CD and the new Circa Survive CD, I think my ears are in heaven. Ahhh so much good music at once. It’s been so long since I’ve really enjoyed music. :D”

“fully enjoying the new Circa Survive cd!”

No U-Turns

I’ll place a bandage on my wounds
It will soak the blood that tells me to leave
The blood that stains my brain
With temptations to just drive away
I’ll get lost and picture what could of been
If I would of just tasted the feeling within
I’ll take my journey someone else decided for me
That someone else likes watching me bleed
I’m following road signs away from home
It’s leading me on a downward slope
Save the melody that is my reality
For I want to dance…not accomplish “things”

What is this sensation that’s making me itch?
I feel cold and when I awake I cringe
But I am sleeping, but not dreaming
My dreams have turned their back on me disappointed
I neglected their say in things
I will come back to you, please don’t leave me.

Greatest Hits = Greatest Mistake

After reading HiFi Dave’s blog post about digital downloads and the death of albums, I decided I’d do some what of a compliment post to that. Only I’m going to discuss the topic of “Greatest Hits”…

I have a huge problem with “Greatest Hits” albums, almost a hatred. First of all, Lindsay Lohan has a greatest hits album and she only has one or two albums, I find that hard to cope with… Not to mention she’s Linsday Lohan. Anyway, who gets to pick these “greatest hits” songs that go on this album? I’m sure it’s based off the “charts” that are diluted with garbage and corporate advertising. I used to buy a couple Greatest Hits albums. Mainly I got the artists who had a large collection. Recently, I looked over what artists I had a “greatest hits” album for and got the rest of their discography and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I missed out on.

As HiFi Dave talks about in his post, most albums have a type of flow it’s part of the creative process of creating the art that is music. It seperates the great artists from the good ones. I think the album that best shows this in my eyes is Thrice’s “The Illusion of Safety” I’ve heard so many people positively describe the flow on this album and I agree hands down.

An album could have good songs, but horrible flow and it is less likely you could sit there and listen to the whole album if the transitions in songs isn’t there. It’s like reading a book but reading the chapters in random sequence. Especially for artists like The Dear Hunter and Coheed and Cambria. These artists often do “concept albums” which usually tell a story.

I know another reason “Greatest Hits” albums exsist is so they artists can make more money… I can’t even count how many “greatest hits” albums Aerosmith has… I love Aerosmith but come on man, how many albums is Dude Looks Like a Lady going to be on?

Would you buy 1/12 of a painting? Would you buy 1 chapter of a book? Would you read 1 line of a poem?

If you answered yes to those questions, slap yourself.

Music is art, just like all those above… Treat it like art, embrace everything the artists gives to you. Listening to music is a gift.

Thanks HiFi Dave, for helping educate the masses.

Very first CD?!

Remember the days of cassette tapes? Rewinding… Turning over to side B? I can specifically remember the first time I ever heard a CD was in someone’s car, it was a red convertable. I was amazed that you could just skip a track and it would start at the beginning you didn’t even have to look for it by fast forwarding and rewinding! You didn’t have to wind up the tape when it got thrown off track with pencil…

I got my first CD before I even got a CD player. I remember it was All 4 One because I liked the song “I swear”. I played the crap out of that CD and that’s where my collection began.

What was your first CD? Do you have a specific memory of when you first heard about CDs? Let me know, I’m interested.

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